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Is there a pilot on board?

Yes, there is.

Skyhawk 428PD

Tower this is Koala, requesting fly by…

Flying over Oyster Bay

428PD cleared for landing, and don’t worry the bird shit didn’t affect our aerodynamics…

(From left to right) Gold Leader, Koala

This was an awesome experience, even if we almost crashed due to a rogue bee. Rest assured the Top Gun soundtrack was blasting in my car all the way home.

Koala over and out.

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You Choose my Call Sign!

Here is the poll

I will keep it open until I go for my first lesson. Most votes win, you can also suggest one that’s not on the list…

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I need a call sign…

It’s official, I am starting my pilot lessons at the end of April. Thanks to a fellow firefighter in my house, my lessons are going to start when he comes back from work.

First thing first, is getting myself a call sign. I need ideas… leave them in the comments.

Also, Kit has finally┬ástarted Duck’s blog

Click the link to be directed to the site, make sure you subscribe also, Duck has been on tons of adventures and he has a lot of travel planned for the next year.



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