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Ride A Llama Camel

My first list included Ride a Llama, and I was super excited to do this. Llamas just look awesome and it seemed like it would be an amazing time riding one. Fast forward a week after doing research into it and like a bubble popping so was the idea of riding a Llama.

Apparently, they can only hold about 50 – 80 lbs on their back and thats for an adult Llama. For those of you who know me, I am well over the 80 lbs mark. I don’t think I could get near it, even if I lived at the New York Sports Club. So, it was scratched off the list very early.

Oysterfest 2009.

While walking around with a few friends from work we noticed a big tent like that of the circus. Excitedly, we realized that it was a booth set up to RIDE A CAMEL! Not exactly a llama, but since they are in the same genus family, its close enough.


This activity was almost over before it started. The camel saw me coming and just as I was about to get on, it started trying to run away. It’s fucked up when a camel tells you, “you are fat”





Notice the new hiking boots I’m breaking in for our glacier hike in Iceland coming up in a month. And lastly some camel butt for those who are interested.


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