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A certain percentage completed! (Math is hard)

I feel pretty accomplished so far this year. I completed 7 items and I am well on my way to complete about 4 more by the end of the year.

Open a champagne bottle with a knife: Only a matter of buying a champagne bottle and renting a tuxedo and throwing a little back yard formal. (Kit won’t let me saber the bottle in the house, I don’t know why?)

Go to Wing Nite every night for a week: Just trying to line up a wing nite every night. Got a spot for most of the week. This should be really easy once college football starts again. Also, I’m looking for Wingmen. Jon, my buddy from “Run A 5k” agreed to help me with this. But, I’m concerned that his wife, after the first two night of him coming home bloated and beyond gas-sy, will bench him for the sake of their marriage.

Skydive: All I need to do is book it (read: all I need to do is get the BALLS to book it.) If I do happen to get this done this year, it would probably make 2010 the most adventurous/dangerous year I have ever had in my life.

Drink Kava: Kit’s Mother was kind enough to bring back some of this potent depressant from Hawaii a few months back for me. You can read all about Kava here.

As with anything in life I think it is just a matter of getting off your ass and getting it done. There will be more completed this year, I promise that.

Just to make it harder though, A few more things I need to add to the list. For the full list click here.

Drive the Rubicon Trail

Take a Wilderness Survival Class

Visit Buxton, Maine and find the Stone wall (A prize to you, if you get the reference)

Go to Zihuatanejo, MX

Complete my Spy training and attend an Urban Survival and Evasion Class

Drive the Road to Hana (Must be in a Jeep)

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Where would you like to see a wedding?

I created a new poll. Kit and I need some help picking a wedding destination spot. So, where would you like us to go? The pink sandy beaches of Bermuda? Or the black volcanic sand of Vic, Iceland? Where would you be willing to travel too? Here is the poll.

You can vote for up to three places. And you can revote once a week, just incase you change your mind or the BP oil spill ruins your top choice. Also, you can add your own answer. Get creative people!

The poll is now on the sidebar.

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You Choose my Call Sign!

Here is the poll

I will keep it open until I go for my first lesson. Most votes win, you can also suggest one that’s not on the list…

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And The List keeps growing

Catch a moving train

Open a Champagne bottle with a knife

Attend a Chinese New Year party

Sing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” to a stranger in a bar (Thanks to Top Gun in blue-ray)

Compete in a food challenge

Swim in every ocean and sea (Highly unrealistic, but I have a lifetime)

Go white water rafting

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Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Remember my last post way back then, when I said I was going to Bermuda? Yeah, well apparently 50+mph winds are way too much wind for a small Jetblue plane to land. Who knew? This is a dramatazation of what would happen if we had tried to land.

We made it to about 1200 feet away from the small Bermudian runway when the pilot’s voice came overhead and broke all 18 of our hearts, by telling us we would be diverting back to New York. At least they gave us free alcohol on the way back, which I took complete advantage of.

This isn’t exactly a list fail since we will be trying again next weekend, much to the dismay of Jetblue who did not want to offer us the same flight a week later. Piece of advice for anyone who encounters the same situation, DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT until they move your flight! Don’t even go outside or get your luggage! STAY AT THE GATE!

Even though our plans for this weekend were ruined, Kit and I ended up crossing off Eat at an Outback Steakhouse. But that is a post for another day, for now enjoy the pictures from Ducks first trip to an airport.

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