Here are all the completed tasks and the stories behind them.

Go To Europe (3-25-09)

Drive to Key West (6-16-07)

Go over the Golden Gate bridge (7-13-08)

See a man get tased (7-19-09)

Catch a wave Surfing (9-23-09)

Ride a cable car (9-12-08)

Beat The Legend of Zelda (nes) (7-20-09)

Ride a double-decker (3-26-09)

Run a 5k Race (10-17-09)

Ride a Llama* (10-17-09) (It was actually a Camel)

Pick a Lock (12-03-09)

Juggle (7-22-09)

Hike on a glacier (11-21-09)

Put a lobster to sleep (08-09-09)

Learn to drive a manual car (11-21-09)

See the Northern Lights (11-21-09)

Drink a bottle of Shiraz (12-25-09)

See a concert in central park (9-24-03)

Go to a movie studio (9-16-08)

Beat Kit at mini golf (No longer contested by Kit, I kicked her ass fair and square!)(5-8-10)

Eat at an Outback Steakhouse (1-23-10)

Ride A Vespa (1-31-10)

Pilot an Aircraft (5-01-10)

Have a bon fire on the beach (5-15-10)

Go to Curaçao (6-11-10)

Dive off a Cliff (6-13-10)

Open A Champagne Bottle With A Knife (8-14-10)

4 responses to “Completed

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  2. i love lists like this, great blog.

  3. Danny,
    Congrats on your 1st flight!!! If you do decide to continue with lessons, let me know. I have a lot of study material, cd’s and books that can assist on you getting your private pilot cert. Also feel free to call me if you need help. Last October we purchased a Cirrus SR22. If you ever wanna go up, let me know.

    • ffdiver

      Thanks Mike, I will absolutely be continuing on in my lessons. You should just let me borrow your plane for my lessons, I promise I will give it back, or you could repo it either way you will get it back.

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