About Me


During middle school I determined that all life is, is a story. Some people have good ones and others don’t. Others have stories that are worth telling and some don’t.

I want a good story. So, I came up with my idea of creating a list of things I want to do in my life, with my life and to my life. The list is always growing. I add things to it almost daily. Some items have been on my life’s to-do as far back as I can remember. A lot of items are added just on a whim, maybe a challenge to myself or it might just be something I saw on TV that I absolutely needed to try.

I am very against calling the list my “bucket” list. This list isn’t that. I’m not dying. Hopefully I won’t be for a long time. This list is not a mid-life crisis either. That kind of list is written in panic. I created my list to keep track of all the things I want to do. There is no time limit. If I don’t get certain items done in a year or two, oh well. I have my whole life to do the list, and I will work my whole life to try and get them all done. I look at the list as an opportunity to learn and experience new things. And I’m always up for suggestions.

About me.

I was born in Elizabeth, NJ on a hot summer day. Grew up in the same town till I was 19 and moved out to Long Island to attend college. I moved into Oyster Bay on a whim after seeing the name of the town on an expressway sign. After I attended as much college as I could, I decided to stick it out here in Oyster Bay and see were life takes me.

I am currently employed as an Advance Emergency Medical Technician for a fire district on long island. All the time I spent in college studying music and I end up loving an emergency service job, go figure. I’m an avid diver and have obtained my Dive master rating. I’m a dreamer, a traveler, and a drinker. If I can figure out how to make a living at doing the three, I’m going for it.

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