Practical Info

All the links to tours and the logistics of how I got to accomplish certain items.

My drinking map:

The surf school I used:

Puntas surf school : This was the surf school that came highly recommended by almost everyone in Rincon. Melissa is a great instructor and runs a very good program. She was incredibly flexible in the lesson times and what not. Next time I go back to Puerto Rico, no matter where I am in my progression to become a surf guru, I will be giving her a call back for more lessons.

For the 5k Run:

OysterFest 2009

Register for the 5K : The Greater Long island running club, host the 5k Run at Oysterfest. The registration fee is $18, but they give you a $2 discount if you’re a Nassau or Suffolk resident. Also, the first person who is a bona-fide county resident to cross the finish line that morning, will receive $500. I have no chance of winning, I’m just passing along the word incase someone who reads this is in better physical condition then I am.

Golden Gate Bridge:

Fire Engine Tours

Youtube Video that I learned Juggling from:

How to juggle 3 balls

Tour Company I used for Glacier Hiking:

Mountain Guides

Northern Lights Predictor:

Northern lights forecast page

Lock Picking:

Lock picking guide

Ride a Vespa:

Oleander Cycles-Bermuda

Language Learning school:

Live Mocha (free lessons)

See a man get tased:

Suffolk County Police Dept

Grow A palm tree:

Real Palm Trees Online store

Get Full Cave certified:

TJ is an excellent instructor, I have only taken my Cavern class with him so far, but I have no hesitation on going back to him and his wife for Intro to cave and eventually Full cave.

Tom Johnson @ Dayo Scuba

Go To Curacao:

Inexpensive airline that flies from Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and other points in Venezuela. Dutch Antilles Express

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