The List

Fly over the Atlantic Ocean (3-25-09)

See the northern Lights (11-21-09)

Go To Alaska

Go to Cuba

Smoke in a café in Amsterdam.

See Stonehenge

Go to Oktoberfest

Visit Portugal and eat a real Portuguese roll

Drive to Key West (6-16-07)

Go to Curaçao (6-11-10)

Have A beer in every state (13/50)

See A concert In central Park (9-24-03)

Go over the Golden Gate Bridge (7-13-08)

Have a bon fire on a beach (5-15-10)

Go to Malta

Shore dive Roatan, Like in the picture in scuba magazine

Stay in a beach bungalow

Go to a movie studio (9-16-08)

Go to Japan and Learn to Sumo Wrestle, and have a tea ceremony.

Do the Tango in the streets of Buenos Aries.

Throw or catch a fish in Seattle pike market.

Go Down under in Australia.

Beat the Legend of Zelda for NES ( 7 – 22- 09)

Learn a dead language

Become a lifeguard

Catch a wave on a surfboard (9-23-09)

Drive on a race track, Don’t care if it’s a race car or tractor, just want to do it.

Learn to put a lobster to sleep (8-09-09)

Juggle (7-22-09)

Pick a lock (12-3-09)

Play an entire queen song on the piano

Learn 10 conversation phrases in 10 Different languages. Enough to order a beer and find the bathroom. (1/10)

Ride on a helicopter and also jump out of one.

Fly at the speed of sound

Drink absinth

Beat Kit at Mini Golf (5-10-2010)

Solve a mystery scooby-doo style

Sky dive

Buy A boat

Start a slow clap

Attempt a world record

Walk up hills both ways

Wear a blue ruffle tuxedo somewhere fancy

Perform a rope rescue

Convince someone I have invented Post its

Raise a good child

Finish writing book

Find a job I love

Quit a job in a humorous way

List Kayak on wedding registry

Make a lame joke during a Eulogy

Stop a wedding

Kiss 100 Girls

Be involved in a police chase (with or without white bronco)

Take part in a heist with a van

Ride a cable Car (9- 12- 08)

Go to the price is right

Ride a double-decker bus (3-26-09)

Dive off a cliff like in the tourism commercials (6-13-10)

Ride a Vespa (1-31-10)

Grow a palm tree

See a man get tased (7-19-09)

Get Naked at a nude beach

Ride an elephant

Be in a police line up

Run a 5k (10-17-09)

Downsize possessions to 100 things

Maintain a fish tank with out killing a fish for at least a little while

Enjoy drinking whiskey

Bowl a 170 or better twice (0/2)

Get full cave certified

Swim in the Bering sea

Scuba dive the Andrea Doria

Swim in Jelly Fish Lake

Dive a U-boat

Swim with a whale shark

Go to a big boxing match and dress like a pimp.

Drink Kava

Live in another country

Live in NYC

Live on a boat

Own a Rolex

Drink Mate

Run with da bulls

Bike down Death road in La Paz, Bolivia

Hike on a Glacier (11-21-09)

Learn how to make 100 cocktails (12/100)

Visit Nepal

Get my Captains license

Attend 15 different religious ceremonies (2/15)

Pilot an airplane (5-01-10)

See the green flash

Operate Heavy machinery (fire apparatus does not count)

Eat at an Outback Steakhouse ( 9-23-09) (01-23-10)

Ride on a Supermarket checkout conveyor

Perform with a rock band on stage

Take part in an extended race

Saddle up in a champagne glass hot tub

Ride on a dog sled

Do the laying down dance in a hammock

Spend a night In jail

Visit both polar circles (0/2)

Learn to drive a manual car (11-21-09)

Fill up my passport before it expires

Climb a big deal summit

Drink a bottle of Shiraz (12-25-09)

Make my own bottle of wine

Catch a fish

Learn to sail

Learn to do the running man (ala Will Smith)

Party like it’s 1999

Walk on a bed of fire

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Play an entire game of Curling

Grow a sick mustache, Handlebars optional

Work as a bartender

Visit all the places the Beach Boys mention in Kokomo (4/9)

Catch a moving train

Open a Champagne bottle with a knife (8-14-10)

Attend a Chinese New Year party

Sing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” to a stranger in a bar (Thanks to Top Gun in blue-ray)

Compete in a food challenge

Swim in every ocean and sea (Highly unrealistic, but I have a lifetime) (5/138)

Go white water rafting

Live above a bar.

Own a Jeep Wrangler.

Own a mug in a bar, or stool.

Run from an explosion and then jump out-of-the-way at the last possible moment.

Spend an entire week eating all you can eat wings and beer at a bar. (0/7)

Drive the Rubicon Trail

Take a Wilderness Survival Class

Visit Buxton, Maine and find the Stone wall (A prize to you, if you get the reference)

Go to Zihuatanejo, MX

Complete my Spy training and attend an Urban Survival and Evasion Class

Drive the Road to Hana (Must be in a Jeep)

Eat a Hash brown and biscuit Sandwich from McDonald’s

Complete Esquires 75 things every man should be able to do (41/75)

Hit a home run

Build a fire (reliably)

Cook through a cookbook (every recipe )

3 responses to “The List

  1. Amazing list. I like how they are all realistically achievable. I reckon for sure you can do them all (some will obviously be more fun than others though!).

  2. Wow Great list, and site! I have a similar list. You’ve just gained a follower 🙂

  3. Awesome list!! I may have to add some of these to mine! 🙂

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