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my new website is up and running…

My Life’s To-Do List

I will no longer be updating this site, but no fear, more adventures are in store for Kit and I.

Visit the NEW site often… Bookmark, Subscribe or photocopy, whatever it is you do.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Also, My beer map has been updated to include a bar from everywhere In the world I have drunk. To get to it, just click on the beer map on the right sidebar.

You can still cast your vote for where Kit and I should tie the knot. The poll is on the same sidebar to the right.

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Aids to Navigation

Quick guide for my site.

This is page is for my most recent posts, If you are looking for The List in its entirety you can click on the tab up top. Also next to the list tab is the Completed section. There you will find all the completed items with links to their respective post or page. If you would like to read a story or see the pictures, all you have to do is click the line item.

There is an About me tab also, and Next to that one is the Practical info. Self explanatory.

To the right of this post are the tags. If you see a tag of particular interest, just click it and it will take to you the post or posts that are about that subject.

My Flickr album is below the tags, If all you want to see are the proof pictures of the list items you can visit my Flickr page.

Most importantly, to subscribe to my blog, and get email updates every time I make a new post, add your email to the Email subscription widget. You will only get an email if I post to the main page. No worries your inbox won’t get bombarded every time I correct spelling or do a minor update to a page.

Leave comments if you like. I am always looking for suggestions on how to make this site better, also if there is anything you think I should add to my list, by all means let me know.

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Official results are in! WTF?

In the mail today I got the official results of the Oysterfest 5K run… And In 461st place… Yup me. What the hell!? On race day my place had been 458th! Did some people just finish the race? Did they not count correctly. Thats such crap.

I made shirts and stuff. I can’t just return them and ask them to put 461st place instead. 461st doesn’t even roll of the tongue like 458th. Try it, say “458th.” It just comes out of the mouth so smoothly doesn’t it? I even got good at saying it in like 4 other languages, just so I can brag when I travel.

Oh well. I finished and thats all that matters. Finishing 3 places later doesn’t make Kit love me less. It better not.

2 more days until Kit and I head off to Iceland. I am incredibly excited about this trip. The northern lights predictor, predict that the northern lights should be visible overhead in Reykjavik, almost the entire time we are there. The glacier hike is booked for this Saturday. And I added learn to drive a manual car onto the list. I know what some of you are saying that I can’t add items to the list as I’m doing it. Nonetheless, being able to drive a stick shift has always been something I wanted to learn and I just forgot to add it. In other words, it’s my list and I can do what I want with it. Learn to drive a manual car is on the list and renting one there will be the ultimate test if I have learned properly.

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Ride A Llama Camel

My first list included Ride a Llama, and I was super excited to do this. Llamas just look awesome and it seemed like it would be an amazing time riding one. Fast forward a week after doing research into it and like a bubble popping so was the idea of riding a Llama.

Apparently, they can only hold about 50 – 80 lbs on their back and thats for an adult Llama. For those of you who know me, I am well over the 80 lbs mark. I don’t think I could get near it, even if I lived at the New York Sports Club. So, it was scratched off the list very early.

Oysterfest 2009.

While walking around with a few friends from work we noticed a big tent like that of the circus. Excitedly, we realized that it was a booth set up to RIDE A CAMEL! Not exactly a llama, but since they are in the same genus family, its close enough.


This activity was almost over before it started. The camel saw me coming and just as I was about to get on, it started trying to run away. It’s fucked up when a camel tells you, “you are fat”





Notice the new hiking boots I’m breaking in for our glacier hike in Iceland coming up in a month. And lastly some camel butt for those who are interested.


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