The Beach Boys are my inspiration…

In lieu of a new list item…

Visit all the places the Beach Boys “Kokomo” song mention. I am  headed to… Drumroll please….Bermuda, With my pretty mama. (I am referring to Kit, Not my mother. In case there was any confusion.)

Flight leaves tomorrow morning. I know that seems like we are getting there very fast and all, but don’t worry we will be taking it slow once we arrive. The flight was ridiculously cheap, like $29 each way cheap, thanks to Jetblue. And because of the insane amount of hotels Kit and I have stayed in, our hotel down there is almost free. This post is in no way an advertisement for Jetblue or, but I love them both. They give you free shit. And if it’s free, it’s for me.

Hopefully, I’m going to knock off Ride a Vespa (even though the scooters that we are renting are not of the Vespa brand, the original intent of the list item is there and thats good enough for me.)

I’m going to look into also being able to Dive off a cliff. I hope Bermuda has cliffs. And if all goes well, I will not be spending a night in jail on the island. I’m not totally against the idea, I’m just saying that there may be better places in the world to be in jail. We’ll see.

In case you need a little inspiration yourself, Listen to Kermit.


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3 responses to “The Beach Boys are my inspiration…

  1. Cy

    Oh this is an excellent item to put on a life list! I’m kinda bummed that my Caribbean trip in April doesn’t include any from that song. 😦 Great life list!

  2. Bermuda!!! You lucky xxxxxxx. You’re going to Bermuda for 29$, and I’m stuck here in freezing Denmark 🙂

  3. Ha-ha! I just have to say: that video made my day. ;]

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