Getting down with it, In Central Park

See a concert in Central Park

I have been a Dave Matthews Band fan since 1998, when my older brother first introduced me to the band’s music. The only reason I ever had any sexual experiences during high school is all thanks to Dave Matthews’ song writing… Chicks dig “Crash” on the guitar, they just do. This was probably one of the first things I learned about girls. Or at least chicks used to dig “Crash.” I don’t know what they like now, maybe some “Party In the USA” or some horrible song about fireflies. If Kit were to leave me now, I would be at a total loss of what songs to learn to play. Please, Kit don’t ever leave me! I wouldn’t be able to sit down and listen to Miley Cyrus long enough to learn her music, aside from “Party in the USA” I kinda like that one.

Anyway, back in 2003 DMB played a free concert in Central Park, ala Simon and Garfunkel, and since seeing a documentary on Simon and Garfunkel’s concert in Central Park, this was a no brainer addition to my list.

The concert experience was surreal. I have never been around such a drunk and high amount of people. All of them singing and swaying to the sounds. The concert was amazing and the Japanese food we had after was even better. One of my top five list items.

Click the link to buy the album from iTunes, It’s worth it.

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